Monday, 11 June 2012

Rainy afternoon activities

There have been a lot of rainy afternoons lately, but they don't have to be dull and boring when there are craft kits and ideas to be worked on!  Pinky bought a shadow box dolphin kit with some birthday money probably around a year ago and we finally got round to doing it at the weekend!  It was great to see her really apply herself, try to get it as good as she possibly could and then afterwards to hear her say that it was the best thing she had ever made herself, it looked like it came from a shop and she finally had something she was proud of!
Made by Pinky

Perky has been asking for ages if I will help her make a suitcase ... so a few weeks ago I squirrelled away a suitable shoe box with a hinged lid and whilst Pinky was happily painting and gluing I was able to help Perky create this:
Made by Perky

Made by Perky

I think she still wants to add stickers to the outside so it may not be complete yet!

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