Thursday, 16 August 2012

Car Lap Boards

To be honest, this is to craft what microwave meals are to cookery!  In a last minute dash towards the finish line I decided to try and buy some lap trays for the big road trip.  Within the very tight restrictions of a small shop in a small town and very little time, I couldn't find what I wanted so came up with a very quick-fix!  I bought two packs of 2cm x 50cm stick on velcro (I was amazed I found some in the small shop!), and using two small old cushions and two past-their-best table mats which I had at home already I came up with these:

A good hard surface for leaning on to write and colour and the soft side of the velcro is on the cushion so they can also be used as pillows for sleepy-heads!

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