Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Car Tidy

We will be taking a long trip in the car soon and I am predicting a volcano of books, pens, pencils, cuddly toys, food packaging and water bottles on the back seat - to try and control some of it I have made this car tidy which will hang between the girls' two car seats in the back.  I was inspired by this post from Pinterest.

The whole project took a bit more time than I expected, mainly due to a serious battle with the sewing machine at one point which was finally resolved by feeding it a different kind of thread - phew!  The fabric is probably a bit too babyish for my kids, but it is what I had lying around and will probably get dirty quite quickly anyway!  Also, I didn't really think it all through first and just started cutting and sewing - old habits die hard ;-) - consequently there are several imperfections and that is why this is a distance photo and not a close-up ;-)

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