Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Knitting for Strangers

The Shoebox Appeal is something we've tried to do for the last few years (I think we missed one because the boxes have to be ready so early!).  It's a great idea and a timely reminder of the plight of others amongst all our excesses at Christmastime.  Last year (2011) I made a glove puppet (I think we only made one box that year) for the box:

This year I managed a little bit more - mittens and a hat for each box and a bag for the girl's box!  The patterns come from the website and you have to use the ones they give you, but I adjusted the sizing slightly as when I followed the patterns exactly the mittens were enormous!  I find it hard to knit for a stranger - I want it to be just right for them, but I don't know their size let alone favourite colours.  I will send them off with a prayer that they will be okay!

The girl's box:

The boy's box:

Now I just have to get them to the depot by Saturday!

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