Monday, 17 December 2012

Birthday Bears

In recent years I have given Pinky and Perky handmade birthday presents and this year has been no different.  Perky's birthday is in October so I try to get started at the beginning of September.  Perky loves to dress up her teddies and over time I have made various items of clothing for them, but I thought I could give her something a bit more complete this year:

 A bag with a shoulder strap: fabric inherited from my grandmother and the buttons were old finds from a car boot sale.

The bag opens up to reveal two side buttons (also from a car boot sale) and a lining (also from my grandmother).

The bag opens up again to reveal 4 lined pockets; plain lining fabric from my grandmother, stripy fabric from Ashford Fabric Warehouse in 2011.  

In two of the pockets are two knitted teddies.
And in the other two pockets are their outfits: 

Dungarees and a ball to kick around.

Dresses, bags and 'shoes'.  I had to adapt the pattern to make the 'shoes' easier to put on and off. 

Football kits with football boots as per the pattern but rather tricky for little fingers to take on and off.  Can you guess how old Perky was?

Little bears to knit and crochet by Val Pierce is the book of patterns I used.  I think the bears are designed to be sewn into some of the outfits, but that's no good for playful children so I had to make some adaptations to allow for that!

Do you think she was pleased?

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