Friday, 7 December 2012

Christmas biscuits

At the end of term, Pinky and Perky give a little 'thank you' to their Brownie leaders and other activity teachers - we've done various things in the past - and this year we decided to make some biscuits and decorate them.  Because Pinky and I are wheat and gluten intolerant we don't make very much with wheat flour so it's always a rather scary journey into the unknown for us!  We used a recipe from this year's Prima Christmas Makes

and got on okay with it, but when we took the mixture out of the fridge we decided it was too dry and crumbly so carefully added some water and it seems to have worked.  Anyway, Pinky and Perky had an absolute ball decorating the biscuits with writing icing (they gave Silver Spoon the thumbs up for easiness and Asda's own brand the thumbs down - I bet I know which was more expensive!).  Anyway, here are the results of some more crafting with food:

The horse/reindeer shape was inspired by this post on Pinterest, using a man shaped cutter and either cutting off the arms before cooking for a horse and then turning upside down once cooked, or simply turning the biscuit upside down once cooked and the arms become ears!

We also made some chocolate truffles with a recipe from The Ultimate Children's Cookbook by DK:

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