Friday, 18 January 2013

Hoodie Bags

When Pinky and Perky grew out of their named hoodies I wondered what to do with them.  Normally Pinky's clothes get passed down to Perky and then they are either given to a family with a girl younger than Perky or go to a charity shop or if they are beyond that I'll cut them up and use them for rags or stuffing etc.  However I realised that as these hoodies have names on the back and the tennis club logo on the front I can't pass them down from Pinky to Perky, I don't know anyone with the same names in the tennis club and I wasn't convinced they would get bought at a charity shop due to the names and the logo, so a little reluctantly I faced the fact that I was going to have to use them for something else.  I know that some shows and books say things like, 'Find a skirt you no longer like or wear or that doesn't fit and turn it into a cushion cover' but that doesn't sit right in my heart - to me, if an item can be re-used in its current format then that is what should be done and only when it has broken or altered or worn out should it be turned into something else.  That's probably just me though!
So I started to look at these hoodies and began to work out how they might become bags (with the minimum of work from me, of course!) and it went something like this:

Front of hoodie:

Back of hoodie:

Hood taken off and label too! 

 I worked out how much to hem:

Then pinned it in place, front and back:

I took off the sleeves:

Then pinned the armholes together and folded the sleeves in half, putting them halfway across the front and halfway across the back where the should used to be:

Then I forgot to take any photos until I had finished (oops!) but what I did was to machine the bottom together inside out, machine the armholes together inside out, turned it the right way round, hand sewed one sleeve into place (my machine could't get through 4 layers of hoodie!), hand sewed the cuffs together (one slightly inside the other) and then hand sewed the second sleeve into place.  To hand sew the sleeves into place I first of all sewed them on from the front and then again from the inside for extra strength.
This is what it looked like when finished (except that I need to put poppers on the two pocket opening otherwise the contents will fall out!):

This is a closer picture of the joined cuffs:

And here is the bag hanging up: 

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  1. A nice way to repurpose a hoody! My daughter would have fun doing this.