Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Cross Stitch Bookmark

For my Dad for his birthday ...

I used this alphabet which is a free online pattern and a border which I adapted ever so slightly from Christian Cross Stitch by Gisela Banbury.

I put some interfacing on the back to help protect the stitches and give it some extra rigidity.  I used Vilene medium white iron-on interfacing which I bought online from www.sewandso.co.uk


  1. That's so beautiful! And what a lovely name: Aspinall.

    1. Thank you, Christine. Aspinall is our family name and now that I am married I don't use it officially. It is more common in the north than the south of England - my dad is from Liverpool.

    2. Thanks for pointing me to that fascinating article about the Dowager Duchess' house in DA! I wonder what else they might discover??

    3. You're welcome, Heather - it's very curious isn't it!