Monday, 3 June 2013

Octonaut Extravaganza!

Last winter I created an Octonaut play set for Pinky's birthday.  It included a large fleece circle which acts as a bag and a play mat (please excuse the dog hair etc that has gotten all over it since it was made over 6 months ago!):

and inside :

there is an unravelled, washed, old body puff for waves:

a piece of net curtain for ice or foam:

some old bath sea creature bath toys:

a piece of underwater-scene which was going cheaply at the fabric shop,

and a strange looking object kind of dressed up as a sweet!

When you unwrap the 'sweet' you discover the Octonauts!:

Each one is held in by a loop of elastic:

And here are the Octonauts themselves, front and back with extra pictures of removable accessories:

1 comment:

  1. That is simply amazing! So very creative, and beautiful. I can imagine a child having many hours of happy play with your octonaut set.