Monday, 17 March 2014

From hoods to pocket-bags

A while back I made bags from hoodies: Hoodie bags , but didn't get round to using the leftover hoods until more recently.  This is what I did when the job was finally tackled:
I rolled and hemmed around the neckline (at the top of the photo), leaving the part where the neck would have been completely open so a pocket/bag can be made.

I sewed together the two sides where the face would normally be.

I got out my bag of ribbons and things and faffed about with them for a while!

I eventually decided what I wanted to use for decoration!

Some red ric rac around the top (what was the neck line but is now the opening to the pocket-bag), a tassle at the front (what was the centre of the back neck line and is now the front) and a well-sewn on ribbon at the back (what would have been the chin area) to tie it on to something.

A bit wonky, but what it now looks like from the front.

The glass represents the bed post which it is now tied to.

I made two of these and they are well used.  Pinky keeps her glasses and hairbrush in hers, Perky keeps various nick-nacks in hers.

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