Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Setting Up Shop

Well, a garage sale anyway!
Every other year our village holds a garage sale with around 40 households holding sales on their driveways or in their gardens and around 10 more having tables in the village hall.  We've always enjoyed being part of this and the community feeling it brings as well as swapping our clutter for cash!
This year, Pinky, Perky and I decided to go one step further and try to sell some of our home made items. Now, a garage sale is not really the ideal outlet for new home made items but we thought it was worth a go and we managed to make a few sales :-)

I made lots of greetings cards and ...

(the picture doesn't really do them justice, but) I made some frilly scarves.

I hand decorated some calico bags.

Pinky and Perky made some monster cakes and some dinosaur cakes with a kit they were given at Easter.

They pretty much sold out!
They also made some keyrings.
I made some Camberwell Crafts bunting and even took some photos during the process.  Sadly I forgot to take any pictures once the bunting was up so will hang it in the garden on the next sunny day and then put all the pictures together for another post!
The best thing about the day was seeing the girls turn a profit from their investments in the cake ingredients :-)  Entrepreneurs in the making!

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