Wednesday, 27 August 2014

All sewn up ... just a very long border to go!

Following on from this post I have now sewn together all the knitted squares and am amazed at the difference this has made - this is by far the most enormous thing I have ever knitted and I'm pleased with the visual impact - so far!  As the days are getting cooler and the evenings are drawing in, it feels like the right time to be completing this (many years long) project, so I have started on the border (again - first time in the cream colour, then changed my mind so re-started in blue!).  This is the first time I have ever knitted a border - it always seemed a bit frivolous when I was a slow knitter, but now I have picked up a bit of speed and the pattern is quite easy to memorise (and quite easy to make mistakes in too!) I feel it is justified.  At some point I am going to have to block this border while it's still on the needle so I can work out how much I need to knit - not entirely sure how successful that will be, but I'll give it a try!

God willing, I'll be linking this into Ginny's Yarn Along ...!

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