Thursday, 21 August 2014

Late Night Tablecloth

Last year ... or was it the year before ... we were blessed with being at the receiving end of a very long garden table  through freecycle.  We initially took one of the sections out as it really was too long for our patio, but after some building work this summer the table now fits on comfortably in its entirety :-)  However, the nice new patio made the table look a bit dull so I decided to make it a tablecloth.  This was fairly straightforward as I'd need the whole width of the fabric (so no need to hem the 3.55m length of it!) and just needed to hem the much shorter ends :-)  Of course, outdoor tablecloths tend to flap around in the wind, so using some leftover lining material I made 10 pockets in which we will place some weighty things - penny coins, rocks, nuts and bolts have been suggested so far!  I finished at gone midnight - not surprising really when I started at gone 9pm!  It was very satisfying to buy fabric at about 3.30pm and have the finished article less than 9 hours later :-)

Starting off with 4metres of fabric proved a bit of a handful!

Hems pressed (unusual for me!) and pinned ...

... in the right direction for once!

A quick template for the pockets.

Pocket ready to be sewn.

Front and ...

... back!

One of the 10 pockets pinned into place.

Now sewn into place.

I almost lost the machine amongst all the fabric a couple of times!

Naked table!
Beautifully dressed table, complete with child :-)

Two of the finished ...

... pockets :-)

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  1. What a difference that tablecloth makes! It's very clever how you've done the pockets for the weights. Brilliant.