Wednesday, 22 October 2014

I did it!

Much to my surprise I managed to make a large piece of crochet and spend some time out of the knitting zone!  It was so quick that I actually have time to spare before posting it to its new home :-) I'm fairly convinced that the number of stitches in each row varies from time to time, and although my plan to combine a single strand of chunky yarn with 2 strands of double knit yarn seems to have worked satisfactorily, I will try to use the same weight of yarn next time (yes, I really hope there will be a next time!) to see if that helps it hold its shape better! I did manage a border, but only one row of double crochet - I'd like to try something more adventurous next time.  I also struggled with ends when I changed colours or joined in new balls of yarn so I need to investigate ways to keep ends a bit tidier.  The blanket is big enough to go adequately from waist to floor of one person sitting down, or could go across the laps of two people sitting side by side.

I was delighted to discover that I can post this 2nd class for just £2.80 this morning (although that price usual frustrates me as I'm posting something tiny but not tiny enough for regular letter stamps) so the whole thing has worked out to be very economical :-)

Now I have no more excuses not to complete my huge knitted throw - almost there now!

God willing this will be linked onto Ginny's yarn along tomorrow!

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