Friday, 14 November 2014

Now you see it, now you don't!

Pinky often tells me how big her head is, and it's certainly true that kids' hats stopped fitting her quite a long time ago so when I decided to knit her this beret I made the largest size possible:

Surprise, surprise, it was too big!

So it had to be reduced to this:

and has now begun it's second life in a smaller size:

The book the pattern is in is called Big and Little Knitting Projects for you and your family; 9 Cosy Hats and Scarfs and was given to me by a friend who decided it was too hard for her.  You can find it here but be warned, I have found some errors in the pattern and don't know if the other patterns in the book have similar errors!

God willing, I will post this onto Ginny's Yarn Along on Wednesday!


  1. Oh dear! It looks like a beautiful pattern. At least it will probably go quicker the second time around.

  2. You are brave, I am still not that patient to begin a whole project again!
    I love the colour and the pattern.

    1. Thank you. It still hasn't been re-started, but I still intend to re-knit it!