Sunday, 25 January 2015

Inherited Yarn #2

Well, the hot water bottle cover which was started in my last post, is complete.  It went through various stages of course, before I was happy with it!

Here is the front and back (excuse the lighting - I was playing around with a daylight lamp!).

This picture shows the rather peculiar pattern.

Front and back sewn together with some ribbon to hold it in place around the neck of the bottle.

With hot water bottle inside!
 Now, I had wondered right from the start whether I would need to line this cover as knitted containers are notoriously weak and a filled hot water bottle is very heavy.  Anyway, I tried it out for a couple of nights and it was very soft and cosy but I felt like the cover might stretch in my sleep so I decided I would line it.

If I'm honest, I'm more inclined towards guerilla crafting than following rules, and this was a great opportunity to just do my own thing without the fuss of measuring etc!  I gathered together the necessary materials:  the cover so I could get the size right, some newspaper to use for a pattern (of types!) and some lining fabric which was a 50p very large skirt I'd bought from a charity shop last summer - such a bargain, full length cotton skirt with a thinner cotton lining!  I had bought it with a moment like this in mind.  There is still plenty left for further projects!

Newspaper, cover and lining fabric.
I put the cover on the newspaper, drew round it approximately and cut it out as my pattern.  Then I cut out two pieces of the lining fabric from the pattern and checked the hot water bottle would fit inside - phew!  Guerrilla crafting can go wrong sometimes - thankfully not today!

By sheer chance, the bottle and lining are the same colour!

I found some thread which was pretty close in colour - hilariously it is called Scarlet Glow - I hope this is how I feel when I use the hot water bottle in this cover!
 Next, I got out my sewing machine and pinned the lining material right sides together along 3 sides, leaving open the short edge which I'd (roughly!) lined up with the hem of the skirt, thus giving me an already neat edge to have at the top of the cover (sneaky, eh?!).  I machine sewed the three pinned sides and put it into the cover to test for size - perfect - phew again!  I pulled the knitting cover through so that the lining was on the outside ...

... and pinned it in place, then hand sewed it onto the knitting right at the top.

Once it was sewn in place it looked like this with the top folded down, ...

... and like this when looking inside.
 Then I just put the hot water bottle back in and tied the ribbon to make sure it all fitted.  Job done!

Looking forward to ...

... feeling warmer tonight :-)

God willing, I'll be posting this on Ginny's yarn along - why not check it out and discover lots of amazing knitting projects!


  1. What a pretty cover for you hot water bottle and I think the lining you added looks amazing. I wish I had sewing skills that could accomplish something so nice.

  2. Practical and beautiful - love it! Can't go past a hottie on a cold night!

    1. For once, I'm actually pleased to see cold forecasts for the forthcoming nights, Jayne!