Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Tea cosy conundrums

I was asked to make a tea cosy for a small teapot before Christmas.  This would normally be fairly straighforward - I have made a tea cosy before, I'd just do the same ... the snag was that I couldn't borrow the teapot as it was in daily use ... hmmm!  I tried drawing around it and taking measurements but when I followed that system I ended up with something I knew was going to be too small.  It was!  So that became a hot water jug cosy!  

I used some fleece from an old jumper of dh's then a layer of old mattress protector and then some old cotton sheet for the inside.

It really looked like a baby's hat!

So with the first tea cosy failure, I tried again, knitting this time, and using some patterns from this book:

The Gentle Art of Knitting by Jane Brockett

First I tried a pattern which had ruches in it - this was hard enough as it was, let alone the fact that I still didn't have the teapot so it could still come out the wrong size!  So, I decided to go for a super easy garter stitch cosy from the same book.

Front and back - very easy, see!

 Then I sewed it together (finalising it once I had my hands on the teapot again to get the handle and spout gaps correct) and decorated it with some felt and a couple of teapot buttons which Perky found and thought would make a good addition.

And finally it got handed over to its new owner and re-united with the jug cover, and this is the picture I was sent the next morning:

They look very happy in their new home - and apparently the tea is staying warmer much longer - phew!

God willing, I will be posting this on Ginny's Yarn Along later today - why not pop over there and see what other people have been making too!