Monday, 30 March 2015

Post-wedding recovery!

Golly!  I hadn't realised being mother-of-the-bridesmaids and auntie-of the-bride and wife-of-the-hobby-photographer was going to be quite so exhausting!  However, every moment of effort was worth it and it was a fantastic day.  It was the first wedding in our family since mine, 15 and a half years ago, so it was extra special to be together as a family for a happy occasion and not our usual gatherings for funerals!  As mentioned in previous posts, my knitting has taken a backseat while I made a wedding gift and did numerous other wedding related activities, like choosing ties, wedding-ifying bridesmaid cardigans and generally getting myself out of narrow scrapes!  Here is the gift which I made:

The longest surname I've cross-stitched so far!

I've made a couple like this before and have another couple lined up for a wedding and a 30th anniversary later this year.  It's taken me a while to develop all the lettering, but I think apart from a few rarely used letters I pretty much have all letters mapped out that I am likely to need.

This is one of Pinky's and Perky's cardigans which I embellished for the post-official-photos part of the wedding.  I had to make an extra journey back to the sewing shop as I was short of the border by just 10cm, but I'm glad I bothered otherwise the cuffs would have been plain.

And here they are in use:

Now, I have to tell you about my amazing sister-in-law (mother-of-the-bride) who is very creative and even more talented.  She made her own gold lace dress for the wedding, and the bride's ivory lace dress and the wedding cake, and as if that wasn't enough she made herself a matching bag from left over gold lace, the bride a matching bag from leftover ivory lace and Pinky and Perky got bags the same as the bride's as well:

She really is amazing!  

I'm hoping to post pictures of some fingerless gloves I knitted a few weeks ago, before wedding fever set in, in time for Ginny's next yarn along.  God willing!

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