Monday, 31 August 2015

Big Crochet, Little Cross Stitch

We've had a few friends celebrate special occasions recently so a little bit of crafting had been order.  A colleague of dh's has bought her first home so I used up some more of the inherited stash to make her a blanket for her new home.  I managed to get hold of some red yarn of the same type (Sirdar Big Softie Super Chunky) to give it a border stripe and a shell edging.  Hopefully it will be given to her tomorrow.  I made the main part of it in treble crochet and the edge in double crochet.  Sadly there are quite a lot of poorly executed joins when I changed balls of yarn - oh well.

Someone else facing a big occasion is a young friend of ours who is moving to Frankfurt, Germany to be an au-pair.  Her parents have recently set up a church in Dover called The Lighthouse Church so I thought this cross stitch bookmark would be appropriate for her - nice and lightweight to take with her as well.  I think I might leave the weather vane off the top, but haven't quite decided yet.

Bothering to sort out and label the threads before I started has made it much easier to make progress, although I hate doing this kind of thing at the beginning when I just want to get on with the project.


  1. This is such a lovely blanket you created. I'm sure it will be a most cherished gift. Wishing you a wonderful week, Pat xx