Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Practical Knitting

Well, I wasn't expecting to get much crafting done over the holidays; this time of year tends to be more a time of DIY and indeed a fair bit of that is being done, but I was delighted to discover that DIY and knitting overlap!  I have been re-organising the kitchen to try and make it work a bit better and one of the DIY projects has been to put a shelf in the under-the-sink cupboard.  Once this was done, I tried to find some way of storing dish cloths which wasn't a plastic carrier bag.  I looked at various metal and plastic containers which could be fixed to the inside of the cupboard door, but none of them were going to achieve what I wanted, so I decided that making some kind of net hammock type thing was the way forward.

I used this book:

following a pattern for a bag:

and simply stopped when I ran out of yarn (leftover cotton double knit) which happened to be at a point which would fit the cloths:

then we fixed it to the inside of the cupboard door and ta-dah:

It's looking a bit empty at the moment, but will soon re-fill once the next load of laundry comes through.  I was surprised at how much I enjoyed knitting with big needles (9mm) and small yarn (double knit) and how fast it was.  I'm keen to knit the whole bag now, maybe as a gift for someone. I must try hard not to get distracted from using up my inherited stash though!

God willing, I will be linking this post to Ginny's Yarn Along later today; why not pop over and see what other knitters have been up to.


  1. Wow, it looks amazing. Such a great idea.

  2. All knitting is practical! Right...?
    Nice bag though, it's always good to make things that get more use than seasonally, and hiding in the closet the rest of the year.

  3. Nice! I'm glad you found use for the bag.

  4. That is a brilliant thing to make! Well done. (And I agree with Christine N - all knitting is practical! As it keeps me sane...)