Saturday, 26 December 2015

Christmas Crafting 2015

This year, my Christmas crafting has not been quite as prolific as past years, not everything got photographed and we have been taking it in turns to be ill (including the dog!) so sleep has been in short supply, not to mention the ability to concentrate.  However, we did manage to get some things done, especially those which had been started before December began: 
The annual Christmas card production line.

The painting was the easy part ...

adding the lines was very time consuming.

Pinky and Perky are really quite capable at decorating the annual gifts for their various activity teachers.

The antlers are made from Curly Wurlys which are incredibly difficult to cut up!

Pinky's birthday is just before Christmas but we had her friends round for an early celebration at the beginning of December to spread out the load a bit.

One of the activities at Pinky's birthday party - cake decorating.

One of the guests was incredibly meticulous with her decorating.

A friend of mine has been very ill recently and has had multiple therapies and surgeries, but despite this is amazingly positive and brave.  She's been making a gift for her youngest dd and needed a knitted blanket for a doll's bed.  So with just the measurements as a guideline I was given completely free rein on this project!  I ummed and ahhed for quite a while and then decided to knit small squares in different stitches and colours and sew them together then add a crochet border.

Blocking the small squares.

Finally settling on an arrangement.

Hard to see, but this is Popcorn Pattern.

Again, hard to see, but this is Boxed Bobble.

Garter stitch.

Single moss stitch.

All sewn together but looking rather wonky.

Looking a lot better with a crocheted border in Shell edging.

All patterns were taken from my go-to knitting and crocheting book.

Earlier this year Pinky made this hat, but it was slightly too small for anyone except Perky,

so more recently she made one with slightly bigger needles - it is going to her aunt.

You can't really see the size difference here, but it it quite considerable.

She found the pattern from this book.
With a little reticence I bought these from Hobbycraft and abandoned my attempts to collect 'nice' jars and lids this year.

I had a particular purpose for them.

I lined them with this pretty tissue paper which I think I got from John Lewis.

If the jars had been just a few millimetres smaller I wouldn't have been able to get my hand into them to arrange the tissue paper.

I made some more no-cook-panforte again ...

... and got a lot better at cutting it up!

In it went.

Lids on - beginning to look good.

Labels on and all boxed back up again for dh to take to work as gifts for colleagues.

So, not a great deal of Christmas crafting this year, and more food based than yarn based (I also made 3 Christmas cakes), but in the sleep-deprived circumstances I'm pleased that I managed to produce anything.

If you want to see what other people have been crafting recently why not check out Frontier Dreams: Keep Calm Craft On


  1. Merry Christmas. The cards you made are lovely. And the candy jars are so cute! Wishing you the best, Pat

  2. Very productive if you ask me :) The cakes look scrumptious. Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you - and a happy new year to you too :-)

  3. I love the reindeer cakes, but great ideas all round.