Tuesday, 1 December 2015

November Crafting

This has been a higgledy piggledy month of crafting for me; normally November would only be filled with Christmas crafting or possibly some birthday things for Pinky whose birthday is near Christmas, so I made a good start with these finger puppets which came free with Prima magazine (the one with the Christmas makes in it) - I cut the pieces really carefully so managed to get 3 reindeer and 3 penguins rather than just one of each:

The reindeer below are complete, but the penguins still need to be sewn together.

But November is not just about Christmas and I prepared some Remembrance crafts for the Girl Guide unit I help with (tissue paper poppy garland, 'stained glass' poppy window and a felt poppy brooch) - one way or another all the ideas were inspired through things I have posted on my Remembrance Pinterest board:

I finally completed this knitted top from my inherited stash.  It is made from one 200g ball of double knit  (Patons Trentino DK) and came with the pattern inside the ball band.  The pattern needed a bit of imagination as it wasn't as complete as I would have liked.  It fits Perky (10yo) unlike the adult model in the picture on the ball band!

I made some delicious no cook panforte using a recipe from a very old Christmas magazine - very yummy and hard to give away!

I gathered some ribbon from an old project I had taken apart and

used some chocolate boxes I had been saving for an occasion like this and added some snowflake tissue paper:

The chocolates were wrapped in cellophane and tied up:

Then, into the box they went:

And the boxes were tied up with more ribbon and lined up ready to go to their new homes:

Continuing to work through my inherited stash (another big bag of which is ready to go to the charity shop - it's simply too much for me!) I found some more balls of scarf yarn and have made up two of them to give to a local charity for them to hand out as Christmas gifts to the people they help.  The first one I made, although fairly dull in colour was a pleasure to work with, especially once I found this youtube clip to help me!

This second one was much more glamorous but much slower and harder to work with due to the nature of its make up.  It is scratchier and the ribbon loops are harder to pick up than the Wendy frills one above.  I also found I had to downsize my needles considerably in order to get the needle and my finger into each loop to hook it on.  However, all that aside, I am pleased with the finished product and grateful to be part of a chain of people (my sister in law for giving me so much of her inherited stash, and her mother in law in turn who had purchased all the items which make up the inherited stash) helping those in hard times at Christmas.

This final scarf for November will hopefully be joined by another similar one in December.  It is woven rather than knitted and part of the Gedifra Easy Wear range.  This one was spotted by my mum who will wear it for a while and then pass it on to a charity.

God willing, I will link this post to Ginny's yarn along tomorrow - hopefully the amount of knitting featured in this post will be enough for it to qualify!  Why not pop along and see what other people have been knitting.

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  1. gosh you have lots going and lots done!! I am furiously working on my list and am making great progress :)