Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Baby Hat Bonanza

Last month I managed to make a substantial dent in the inherited stash and churn out 10 baby hats.  In actual fact I knitted far more than 10 hats, but we'll come to that in a moment.  In the stash there were several 25g balls of Sirdar Snowflake DK - for their light weight they take up a lot of space and I was keen to get them used up.  My niece is expecting a baby next month, and she is the grand-daughter of the benefactor of the inherited stash so I was keen to make the new baby a hat from it's great-grandmother's stash -I like circles of life (or circles of crafting!) like this. So, I started to look for a pattern - I couldn't find anything free online for this type or yarn so in the end I bought a pattern from eBay.  

It arrived and I got knitting, and knitting and knitting and honestly this pattern seemed to be turning out hats the right size for a baby elephant, so I kept unravelling and unravelling and unravelling.  I tried using smaller needles and doing some painfully awkward mathematics to reduce the size of the hat but got nowhere.  In the end I realised I was looking at the problem the wrong way and went back the the ball wrap.  It was very pale and possibly sunbleached from before I had it, but with  very, very close looking I noticed this: Chunky.  Oops!  

Can you see how hard it was to spot that one crucial word?

No wonder the pattern was coming out so enormous; it was for DK. So I went back to where I had started - free online patterns and as I was trying to avoid dpns and circular needles my choice was limited but in the end I found just the right pattern, which I adjusted to be just a hat and not a hat with earflaps.  And this is what I ended up with:

9 fluffly baby hats!  Needless to say, after knitting about 4 of them I was knitting them without looking at the pattern.

In the midst of the baby elephant sized hats I also ended up making this hat from another free online pattern created by a generous blogger, as I was not convinced I'd ever get anything out of the Sirdar Snowflake and needed to start on something before I ran out of time.  This is also from the inherited stash, knitted from 4 ply which I haven't tried before.

This one and one of the 9 fluffy hats will go off to the new baby next month along with a couple of other bits which I'll post on another occasion, God willing.
In case you're wondering what I will do with all those extra baby hats, I have decided that I will keep them for any future little arrivals who are related to the inherited stash benefactor.
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